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Quality Enhancement Cell

Message from the Director

The veracity of present age dynamism stresses a best fit between quality and education in universities. This configuration is envisioned to deliver greater value of money to students and a superlative form of empowerment to make the next generation more productive, socially and economically stable and resilient. In most parts of the world, poor quality of education has been associated with and becoming a consistent source of condemnation on universities. The capitalist mindset, despicable understanding about quality standards coupled with implementation issues and high expectations from societies due to the very nature of change catalyst are exposing and putting universities in difficult situations.

Studying a few subjects, memorizing some theories and doing limited research is not what we at University of South Asia call “Education”. Here, education has a deeper meaning for us and our students. Here, we believe in a complete transformation of the personality coupled with the right knowledge, skills and vision, charting the path to excellence for our students. At the University of South Asia, we are committed to academic excellence in our classrooms; relevant curricula in our programs; and caring, personal attention to our students.

At University of South Asia, Lahore, Pakistan, quality assurance and quality enhancement in all we do are our prime concerns. Our aim is to take University of South Asia to the next level of success where quality will be a differentiating and decisive feature for its success. We believe that we have a will, capacity, and clarity to feature our University in the list of top 20 universities of Pakistan by 2022 in terms of promotion and implementation of quality practices. QEC at University of South Asia will be in search of all possible ways of continuous improvement. The small and incremental improvements will pave the way for significant impact. QEC at University of South Asia will always be at service for all university stakeholders including the most important i.e. students and faculty.

The Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) is unwavering in terms of but not limited to the following:-

  1. Academics and Teaching Quality including Quality of Assessments
  2. Student Centric Practices including implementation of Outcome-based Education (OBE)
  3. Student Satisfaction
  4. Faculty Capacity Building
  5. Faculty Satisfaction
  6. Graduates Employability
  7. World Universities Rankings
  8. Academic Accreditations
  9. Social Responsibility and Civic Engagement of Students
  10. Cutting-Edge Curriculum, its quality and Revamping as per need
  11. Industry-Academia Linkages
  12. Quality of facilities
  13. International and national collaborations
  14. Developing Strong Liaison and interface with regulatory bodies
  15. Management Information Systems and Institutional Performance Evaluations
  16. Academic Programs Self-Assessments
  17. Documentation driven self-regulating systems
  18. University’s strong Governance
  19. Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) in all we do

Quality Philosophy

At University of South Asia, Lahore

Inspired from Allama Muhammad Iqbal

Search for the destination after the destination

(If) you find a river search for a sea

Every glass breaks when injured by a stone

Search for a mirror that breaks a stone itself

Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) Team

Assistant Director, QEC Muhammad Abubakar Bashir
Muhammad Abubakar Bashir
Assistant Director, QEC (Academic Support Units) [email protected]
Deputy Director, QEC Ilyas Butt
Ilyas Butt
Deputy Director, QEC (Automation Initiatives) [email protected]
Assistant Director, QEC Iqra Fatima
Iqra Fatima
Assistant Director, QEC (Accreditations and Self-Assessments) [email protected]

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