How we Teach

“I am a firm believer of lifelong learning, and as we teach, we also learn how to be better instructors and reflect upon strategies to continuously produce the best graduates.” – Hina M. Sadiq, Vice Chairperson, University of South Asia

At the University of South Asia, “you” as the student are the central focus of all our teaching efforts. Our aim is simple: to impart knowledge to you that you can apply, and to develop critical thinking and reasoning skills that remain with you as you change your work, jobs, career or decide to start you own business.

University education is not about “specific knowledge” only, it is also about developing a mindset, an approach to solving problems that is based on scientific thinking: identifying the problem, creating possible solutions, determining via experimentation or reasoning which option is best, and taking action.

Our Approach

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How you will be taught at the University


Delivered in scheduled classes where you will be expected to listen, take notes, and complete readings beforehand to participate in class discussions.

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Seminars in university of south asia

Guest Lectures/ Workshops/ Seminars/ Webinars

Students get to hear practitioners sharing industry relevant knowledge and information, and additional insight into existing busin ess challenges and how those guest leaders are addressing them. This supplements the knowledge shared by Faculty Members.


In some courses the opportunity for fieldwork is available to students where they learn to practice as well as expand knowledge of a given subject, or visit an environment linked to the course..

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Lab Work

In courses with lab work, students work independently to apply concepts taught in assignments, having a lab attendant available to answer any query they may have.

Studio Work

Certain courses have studio component attached, where students apply concepts in real projects and build a model or prototype and receive guided feedback from faculty members on their skills.

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projects of students


Our projects are carefully designed for each course, enabling them to be badges of honor to showcase in resumes of our students. With projects our aim is to enable students to apply what they have learned and practice the best form of active learning, i.e. learning by doing!

Curriculum Innovation

Our visionary Deans and Head of Departments are always ensuring the courses taught at University of South Asia are relevant to the market, taking input from industry practitioners, global universities, alumni and students to enhance the curriculum taught. Learning outcomes, lesson plans and assessments are carefully planned and considerable time of faculty leadership is spent on this activity!

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Assessment and Evaluation

Learning is incomplete without feedback to the learner about how well they have understood a topic and can apply it in different or new situations. Faculty members are engaged in regular trainings over assessment practices, and under the leadership of each Dean of Faculties at University of South Asia, assessment plans are carefully monitored and discussed regularly. The emphasis is encouraging fair, transparent and merit based assessment practices.

Students are assessed through exams, quizzes, written and verbal assignments, presentations and individual and group assignments. Regular feedback is given on work done. Students are expected to continuously improve their PowerPoint, Interpersonal, Team Building, Leadership and Written Skills as they advance through semesters.

Mentoring and Advising

Faculty members at University of South Asia are passionate about student success, and are there to help their students learn more about the field of study, options available for work, and how to build their skill sets further for either work or graduate studies.

Mentoring and Advising


The University has given students multiple options to students to provide their feedback: from student services, to Head of Department, to Deans, and we value input from our students. We are here to ensure they understand the academic policies and best practices to excel in University Education.

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