Examination Regulations

Examination Regulations

The Examinations held after EIGHT (8) weeks of study shall be called “Mid Term Examination”
The Examinations held at the end of the Semester (16 Weeks) shall be called “Final Term Examination”


  1. A student shall register himself/herself for the course(s) of study and 75 % attendance shall be required in each course/component (lectures, lab work, seminars, presentations, internship etc.) to qualify for appearing in the Final Term Examination of each semester in the respective course(s).
  2. A date-wise record of the attendance of students shall be maintained by each teacher by using online University portal and/or manually as well.
  3. The list of eligible students for the Final Examination shall be notified by the Controller of Examinations one week before the start of Final Term Examination of each semester
  4. A student, who does not have the required attendance percentage and is declared Not Eligible for the Final Term Examination of enrolled course(s), shall not be allowed to appear in the Final Term Examination of concerned course(s) and shall be treated as having withdrawn from the course(s). The course(s) shall appear on the transcript with a letter Grade “W”. Such student shall have to repeat the concerned course(s) in a forthcoming Semester which offers the course(s).
  5. In case a student due to some unavoidable circumstances (Performing Hajj, accident, serious illness or such other genuine reasons) having less than 75 % attendance but more than 60% in the course(s), may be allowed to appear in the Final Term Examination of course(s), having made up the deficiency in the form of attending extra classes/ submitting extra assignments arranged by the concerned teacher upon recommendation of head of department.
  6. A student involved in University Level Society/ Sports and participating in Inter-University/ HEC/ National/ International Tournament/ Event, he/ she may be allowed to appear in the Final Term Examination of course(s) in which he/she has attended at least 60% of the lectures delivered in the class, having made up the deficiency in the form of attending extra classes/ submitting extra assignments, arranged by the concerned teacher upon recommendation of head of the department. The application for duty leave of such student shall be forwarded to the concerned head of academic department by Registrar/Director Sports, prior to the conduct of event and Examination.

Eligibility for Appearing in Examinations

A student shall qualify to appear in an Examination provided that he /she has:

  1. Registered/enrolled himself /herself for specific course(s) within the stipulated time limit after commencement of academic year/ semester and in accordance with laid down schedule and procedures of the University.
  2. Attained at least 75% attendance in respective course(s) or obtained a waiver from the Competent Authority as per rules.
  3. Has paid all the outstanding and current University dues including tuition fee/ hostel fee etc. before the commencement of the Examination.

Code of Examinations

  1. All quizzes, tests, Mid Term and Final Term Examination shall take place on the University Campus. In extra ordinary circumstances the Examination Centre may be created outside the University for the Conduct of Final Term Examination.
  2. The record of tests/ marked answer scripts / assignments / Quizzes/ Projects/ attendance etc. used for internal assessment of student semester work, shall be maintained by the respective teacher/ department and disposed-off as per instructions of the Examination Department.
Grading System
Score % (out of 100 Score % (out of 100) Grade Grade Points
90 – 100 45 – 50 A+ 4.00
80 – 89 40 – 44 A 4.00
75 – 79 38 – 39 B+ 3.50
70 – 74 35 – 39 B 3.00
65 – 69 33 – 34 C+ 2.50
60 – 64 30 – 32 C 2.00
55 – 59 28 – 29 D+ 1.50
50 – 54 25 – 27 D 1.00
Less than 50% Less than 25 F 0.00
Transferred Credits P (Exempted) 0.00
Withdraw W (Withdraw) 0.00
Incomplete I (incomplete) 0.00
Audit Au (Audit) 0.00
Conversion of Annual System Marks to GPA/CGPA
Percentage obtained in Annual System Grade Grade Points
85% and above A+ 4.00
70% - 84% A 3.99
55% - 69% B 2.66 - 3.65
45% - 54% C 1.66 - 2.65
33% - 44% D 1.00 – 1.65
Less than 33% Fail F 0.00

1. The range of marks defined above for a particular grade may be split further to reflect incremental grade points.

2. This conversion table is only for the purpose of students who have obtained degrees under the annual system.

Lab Work Assessment

In laboratory work/practical, each experiment, project, assignment, design and drawing etc. will be determined by the concerned teacher in the computation of cumulative performance on a scale of 50, from all assessment instruments completed during a regular or summer semester

Award of Letter Grades

  1. The letter grade in a course shall be determined by the instructor on the basis of percent marks earned cumulatively in all Examinations and assessment exercises (as required for the course), in accordance with the prescribed Grading System
  2. In a course where the practical work credit(s) is incorporated, the student shall be required to pass the practical assessment separately from other assessment in theory (quizzes, assignments, etc.).

Earned Credits

The term “Earned Credits” shall imply on the successfully Earned Credit Hours of a duly completed course including the Examination(s) and other assessment exercises, as prescribed for the course

“GPA” and “CGPA”

The terms “GPA” and “CGPA” shall imply “Grade Point Average” and “Cumulative Grade Point Average” respectively and shall be calculated in accordance with the following relationships:


Sum of Grade Points earned during Semester

Sum of Credit Hours earned during Semester


= Sum of Grade Points earned during the program

Sum of Credit Hours earned during the program

Incomplete Course / Award of ‘I’ Grade

  1. An instructor may designate a course award as ‘I’ (incomplete) only in exceptional circumstances beyond the control of the student.
  2. The requirement of an Incomplete Course, as prescribed by the Instructor shall be fulfilled by the student within ten days of the declaration of the semester result, and, thereafter, with due assessment/finalization of the Grade, and submission of the result to the Controller of Examinations by the instructor within five days of the receipt of the assignment; the assigned Grade shall replace ‘I’ in the result / transcript.
  3. In case a student fails to meet the requirement as prescribed under Para a and Para b above, within the prescribed time limit, a Letter Grade appropriate to the percent marks obtained otherwise shall be assigned automatically.


General Scholarship

University offers a straight 55% Scholarship to the students seeking admission at Tufail Road Campus and straight 75% scholarship at Raiwind Road Campus.

High Achiever Scholarship

Student achieving Top 20 positions in their respective boards are eligible for 100% tuition fee scholarship in all three USA campuses with Rs. 20,000 monthly stipend (Subject to maintaining 3.8 GPA).

Merit Scholarship

Students achieving 4 GPA are eligible for 100% tuition fee scholarship.

Students achieving 3.8 GPA are eligible for 50% scholarship.

Students achieving 3.6 GPA are eligible for 25% scholarship.

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