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Setting a Premium Standard

The Job Market has changed considerably over the past few decades. Today, to succeed, a person must be always evolving in their knowledge and skill sets. Growth in existing job positions is no longer straightforward or predictable. Each Graduate must be prepared continually to learn and grow as even their own companies’ change in response to the dynamic business competitive environment.

To build successful and personally satisfying careers, the Faculty Members at University of South Asia train students to take charge of their careers and become self-directed learners willing to reinvent themselves time and again! It has become essential to proactively pursue and create developmental opportunities- whether in the form of relationships or experiences, from which they can learn. Our guidance to students during their courses is to update and broaden their expertise always to ensure that they are contributing members to whichever organization they join or create!

By providing Career Services Support, University of South Asia complements thequality of its educational curriculum with the tools and skills necessary to enter a career, flourish in it, and handle any obstacle you may face with Confidence and Creativity. We strongly believe that once students have determined who they are, what they can do and what they want to achieve, they are prepared to get the job they desire.

As soon as you enter the university, students can receive career-related assistance from the many resources available through the Student Services Office.
  1. The office is available online 24/7 for students and alumni via email correspondence.
  2. Online Career Tools and Success Resources
  3. Includes helpful content to a comprehensive Career Action Plan, guidelines on resume writing, networking and job interviewing etc., to facilitate students in their career development during their University experience and to gain employment or admission in graduate Masters or Doctoral programs upon graduation.
  4. Know your talents you have to offer an employer
  5. Know which areas you need to strengthen
  6. Have clearer goals
  7. Be more confident in interviews
  8. Have expanded your work options

Career Counselling

Assessing You: The first step in career planning

At USA, we let our students know that the first step in successful career planningis self-assessment phase of the career planning process. Each student must learn to self-evaluate, knowing their current standing in knowledge, skills and abilities and where they need to be upon graduation. We also tell them to explore personal management skills such as time management, problem solvingand organizational skills. We aim to make students realize that their personal characteristics influence their career decisions.

“To be successful in a field, students must not only be passionate about what they’re studying and the field they want to succeed in, they must also possess the qualities and traits needed to succeed in that field. Proper alignment between interests, capability and skill will enable you to flourish in your Career!”

Mariyah Naveed | Assistant Professor, Marketing Faculty of Management Sciences

Career Placement Opportunities

We aim to connect students, graduates and employers through our placement opportunities. We encourage all students to create their LinkedIn Account and focus upon not just academics, but getting involved in extra-curricular activities that enable them to network, gain valuable work experience, and a training ground to refine their soft skills! Students are encouraged to be multi-dimensional, not just focusing on academics or social life, but to take a holistic approach to higher education.

“My main consideration is always employability. Any student who I teach, I makesure that what they are learning from me is the requirement of the market. Via regular interaction with practitioners and industry leaders, we ensure a lot of networking and career placement opportunities exist.”

Saima Waseem | Assistant Professor, Fashion DesignHead of Fashion Department Faculty of Art and Design

Industrial Projects

University of South Asia has made it essential to apply concepts taught in classrooms to real life situations in Courses via Projects. The University Faculty Members work hard in planning and assessing such Projects with students. Students work in teams to solve specific challenges faced by organizations relevant to the course that they are studying. Via these projects students not only learn to apply concepts in practice but also develop critical soft skills.

“The eureka moment takes place when a student is able to apply a concept developed based on the experiences in other organizations to a unique situationand this enables knowledge to be truly acquired by the student. Our entire approach is to teach concepts in a way that students can apply them when they graduate as well. Projects have been a success at USA and we continuously work to improve the Quality of Projects.”

Qalab-e-Abbas | Assistant Professor, Management Faculty of Management Sciences

Alumni Network and Engagement

USA encourages its students to join LinkedIn and connect to the vibrant community of alumni and faculty that are engaged over there, and build professional relationships. Alumni members also visit the campus and share their insights with students.

“Our alumni are our assets, and we are very proud of their achievements. Our doors are always open to welcome them and we work with them via activities: seminars, networking sessions and social events.”

Atif Butt | MSCS, University of South Asia Director Administration

Industrial & Recreational Visits

Industrial visits help students get an insider view of how the industry actually operates on a day-to-day basis. These visits encourage interaction amongst students and professionals. Recreational trips enable students to improve their social skills and take a break from the hectic study routine, enjoy and make memorable University moments, while also discovering Pakistan, its culture and history!

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