Bachelor in Building & Construction (BBAC)

Bachelor in Building & Construction (BBAC)

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Admission Admission
Fall & Spring Intake
Duration Duration
4 Years
semesters Semester
Campuses Offered Campuses Offered
Cantt Campus
Entry requirements Entry Requirements
Minimum 45% in inter or equivalent examination


The construction activities have very important role in economic growth of any country. In this context, Pakistan has recently declared construction sector as an industry which will give new dimension to BBAC program at USA. Definitely, program will get more attention to meet the emerging requirements. The program aims to produce graduates to serve in building industry at local and global level with the knowledge of building construction, professional skills and managing the process of building from initial to final stage. Bachelor of Building and Construction (BBAC) is a four years’ degree program, approved by higher education commission of Pakistan. The program has 137 credit hours in eight semesters with a final year project (FYP) on complex problem related to building construction. The teaching and learning process is based on lecturers, projects, problem based learning, lab experiments, building simulations and extensive site visits.

Program Objectives


Graduates apply construction knowledge in building projects .


Graduates contribute in decision making on complex projects as an individual/team leader.


Graduates manage building construction projects from initial to final stage.


Graduates apply latest knowledge and use IT tools in construction related projects.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must achieve minimum 45% marks in Intermediate or equivalent qualification.

Roadmap of the Program

Disclaimer : The Mentioned road map is for illustration purpose only. USA reserves the rights to make changes in the Road Map whenever deemed necessary or appropriate.

Year 1

Semester 1
Course Codes Course Title Pre Req. Credit Hours
BBAC-111 Building Materials & Construction-I - 3
BBAC-112 History of Building Technology-I - 3
BBAC-113 Graphics and Model Making 1 - 3
BBAC-114 Applied Mathematics-I - 3
BBAC-115 English Communication - 3
BBAC-116 Pak. Studies/Islamiyat-I - 2
Semester 2
Course Codes Course Title Pre Req. Credit Hours
BBAC-121 Architectural Design-I - 3
BBAC-122 Graphics and Model Making-II - 3
BBAC-123 Design Softwares-I (AutoCad) - 3
BBAC-124 Building Materials & Construction-II - 3
BBAC-125 Surveying & Levelling - 3
BBAC-126 Pak. Studies/Islamiyat-I - 2

Year 2

Semester 3
Course Codes Course Title Pre Req. Credit Hours
BBAC-231 Architectural Design Studio - II - 3
BBAC-232 Design Software-II (Autodesk Revit) - 3
BBAC-233 History of Building Technology-II - 3
BBAC-234 Strength of Materials - 3
BBAC-235 Construction Drawings - 3
BBAC-236 Applied Mathematics-II - 3
Semester 4
Course Codes Course Title Pre Req. Credit Hours
BBAC-241 Architectural Design-III - 3
BBAC-242 Design Software-III (3-D Studio Max/Adobe photoshop) - 3
BBAC-243 Building Materials & Construction-III - 3
BBAC-244 Theory of Structures - 3
BBAC-245 Estimation & Specifications-I - 3
BBAC-246 Thermal Comfort - 3

Year 3

Semester 5
Course Codes Course Title Pre Req. Credit Hours
BBAC-351 Architectural Design-IV - 3
BBAC-352 Interior Design & Decoration - 3
BBAC-353 Estimation & Specifications-II - 3
BBAC-354 HVAC design system in buildings - 3
BBAC-355 Design of RCC Structures-I - 3
BBAC-356 Soil Mechanics - 3
Semester 6
Course Codes Course Title Pre Req. Credit Hours
BBAC-361 Water Supply & Sanitation Systems for Buildings - 3
BBAC-362 Construction Project Management - 3
BBAC-363 Electrical Design Systems in Building - 3
BBAC-364 Energy Efficiency and Management - 3
BBAC-365 Landscape & Environment - 3
BBAC-366 Soil Mechanics - 3

Year 4

Semester 7
Course Codes Course Title Pre Req. Credit Hours
BBAC-471 Final Year Project-I - 3
BBAC-472 Integrated Building Design - 3
BBAC-473 Emerging Construction Technologies - 3
BBAC-474 Architectural Research Methods - 3
BBAC-475 Building Engineering Economics - 3
Semester 8
Course Codes Course Title Pre Req. Credit Hours
BBAC-481 Final Year Project-II - 3
BBAC-482 Professional Practice and Contract Management - 3
BBAC-483 Advance Construction Project Management - 3
BBAC-484 Architectural Report Writing - 3

Fee Structure

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Degree Values

If you would like to use your skills and creativity to do good in the world, working as a civil engineer could offer you that opportunity. Without the work of civil engineers, society as we know it would not function. There would be no clean water to drink, no safe buildings, and structures to live in or work in and no transportation infrastructure to use for travel. Civil engineers design, develop and create all these essential parts of modern life.

bbc career prospects

Career Prospects

The graduates of BBAC can work in a variety of areas which includes design of building systems, building construction, supervision of small to large scale building, construction management, estimation, material procurement, construction contracts, operation of building, building safety etc. In the recent past the promotion of construction sector in Pakistan and declaring it as an industry will increase more job opportunities for graduates and resultantly this program will get more attention in coming years.


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