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University of South Asia is driven by a shared resolve: to make this world in general and Pakistan in particular a better place through education, research, and innovation. We are exciting and eccentric, superlative but not discriminative, creative and imaginative, contemporary and competitive, memorable but not unnoticeable, obsessed with impact, concerned about outreach, and convivial to talented people regardless of their background, origin, color, race, beliefs, and nationality.

When Computer Studies were alien to educational landscape in Pakistan, National College of Computer Sciences (NCCS) was founded by Mr. Mahmood Sadiq in 1987 with an aim to equip Pakistani youth with modern skills. The visualization behind NCCS was to safeguard the instrumentality of education for personality transformation of students along with their social well-being and privileged living after the completion of studies. Today, NCCS has taken the shape of University of South Asia (USA) after a rigorous but remarkable journey of historical transition.

Historical Evolution of University of South Asia

University of South Asia is a leading private sector University in Pakistan that is recognized by Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan, Islamabad as well as Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC), Lahore. University of South Asia is also a recognized seat of higher learning by all accreditation councils in Pakistan related to Higher Education.

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Charter of the University

University of South Asia, Lahore, Pakistan was founded in 2005 via Charter/ Act titled “The University of South Asia Act , 2005” (Act IX of 2005) passed by the Assembly of Punjab Province, Pakistan on June 18, 2005. The University of South Asia Act 2005 was assented to by the Governor of the Punjab on July 6, 2005. The Act of the University was published in Punjab Gazette (Extraordinary) Pages 223-231 on July 9, 2005.

Faculties and Academic Programs

University is offering academic programs at undergraduate and graduate level with the provision of eight faculties namely (1) Faculty of Computer Sciences, (2) Faculty of Management Sciences, (3) Faculty of Commerce, (4) Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, (5) Faculty of Law, (6) Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, (7) Faculty of Engineering and Technology, (8) Faculty of Arts and Fashion Design.


  1. Tufail Road, Cantt Campus, Lahore (Principal Seat)
  2. Raiwind Road Campus, Lahore
  3. Barki USA-CIE Campus, Lahore

Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) is a dedicated Stateof-the-Art Campus for supporting Innovation and Entrepreneurial ideas --- from incubation till implementation. The campus is fully armed with all the components desirable to produce successful entrepreneurs in the country. The fundamental purpose of this Center is to expose the students with the industry practices and foster their resourcefulness through all possible channels.

Why USA?


Professionally qualified teaching faculty including a number of qualified PhDs fully dedicated to impart quality education.

Academic Standards

High with zero tolerance on academic integrity, honesty and ethics.


State-of-the-Art computing and discipline-specific laboratories, libraries, digital resources, air-conditioned classrooms equipped with audio and visual apparatus, green and beautiful campuses and vivacious campus life full of energy and excitement.

Education and Research

Focused to accelerate nation’s industrial revolution and prepare our graduates to face the challenges of Digital Economy with learning of emerging technologies through modern curriculum in the prevalence of Industry 4.0.


University of South Asia’s Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) is one of the most agile QEC in Pakistan. Our Quality Enhancement Cell is strategically moving forward to induce culture of quality assurance to make University of South Asia, Lahore as one of the best universities of Pakistan where quality is the hallmark of all activities.

Blended Learning Models

Technology is the forerunner in all types of teaching pedagogies in the university. We assure that student learning experience at University of South Asia must be memorable, hence, we have an alternative plan of each missed class so that students should learn with ease and comfort. The blended learning along with a range of curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities make us student-centric university.

Beyond Curricula

University is the firm believer that abundance of cultural events, media and society events are very effective in personality development and grooming of the students. The experience at a University for a student is not only driven by the excellence in academics and research but also the entire experience of being involved in the projects that the university takes on as well as the experiences a student gains from outside the classrooms.

Our Vision

To prepare a generation that can take the lead and put the nation on the path of progress and prosperity through applying their knowledge and skills with dedication.

university of south asia vision
university of south asia mission

Our Mission

To equip our youth in developing the vision, thinking and analytical abilities to convert the Manpower to Mind-Power by producing Engineers, Architects, Fashion Designers, Media Personnel, Educationists, Computer Scientists, Business Executives, Lawyers, and Health Scientists capable of leading their respective areas of specialization and becoming instrumental in the growth and prosperity of the nation.

Core Values

Quality Innovation
Modern Curriculum Competent Faculty
Teaching Excellence Research
Skills Development Personality Transformation
Education Distinctively Outcome Based Education (OBE)
National & International Recognition of Academic Programs Social Responsibility
Best value for money to students

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