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News & Events

  • Quality Enhancement Symposium

    Jun 28, 2018

    Improving the standards of Higher Education through quality assurance. More

  • Jury of Bachelors of Building and Construction

    May 18, 2018

    Jury of Bachelors of Business and Construction Final year Students in Department of Architecture More

  • DNS:Final Project Display

    May 14, 2018

    Final project and product display of students of Department of Food and Nutrition, Faculty of Life and Health Sciences, DNS semester 6,7,8 is being held in food lab at USA Cantt Campus. All the products have been researched and developed by the students using high quality organic raw materials with better nutritional values and health benefits. More

Office of Events

The Office of Events is proud to support and manage events that will promote University of South Asia as a great and leading place of professionals and graduates. Office is responsible for planning, organizing and managing large national and international conferences, seminars and symposiums. Office will invite guest speakers who will address students and have meeting with faculty/management. Resources and sponsorships will be generated for events.

Functions of OFE

-Planning, organizing and managing large national and international conferences, seminars and symposiums.
- Creating different forums and then organizing events on regular bases
- Creating co-curricular forums for students of different schools
- Inviting guests/ CEOs both national & international
- Launching local forums under its Umbrella.
- Managing USA students foreign visits through USA Globe Around
- Creating strong working relations with local and international chambers
- Regular participation in major national and international conferences and creating effective networking
- Arranging sponsorship for events

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